Adventos is a public safety software provider that helps crime analysts, command staffs, and officers maximize their pro-active policing efforts. The SmartForce™ and BulletinWizard software solutions organize intelligence and problem-oriented policing information, directs units and patrol intelligently with real-time information on their MDCs and smartphones, increases collaboration, and provides accountability reporting on an agency’s pro-active policing operations.


With over 20 years experience using Crystal Reports, I provide on-site instructor lead law enforcement specific Crystal Reports training for Crime Analysts, Records Specialists and other law enforcement personnel.  If your agency uses Crystal Reports to query data and create reports from your various CAD/RMS and other RDBMS systems and you need to get your people trained to get the most out of Crystal Reports, you'll want to contact me to schedule an on-site training.  Please see the website for more info and to contact me.​


FirstTwo provides location based situational intelligence for law enforcement and fire departments. Simply, our web-based software provides nationwide real time information of people on a map. Our goal and mission is to make our officers safer and smarter by arming them with Intelligence.  Try FirstTwo for free at

GeoTime by Uncharted Software Inc.

GeoTime is the industry's only 3D mapping and analysis tool, capturing time and space.  Used for looking at Call Detail Records (CDR's), phone extraction data, and other GPS data.

Hawk Analytics

Hawk Analytics is the developer and provider of CellHawk, a secure, web-based application to analyze, map and visually display call detail records (CDRs) from cellular providers. Our software also handles GPS location data and forensic reports. With our team of experienced examiners, we also offer peer reviews, case consults, trial prep and other professional services. The company is also located in Texas (Dallas area). Hawk Analytics offers a FREE support site for Law Enforcement: 


Numerica’s suite of integrated law enforcement software solutions (Lumen, RDW, CJISvault, & PROact) gives users the ability to make sense of and more easily use data across virtually any disparate information systems. Whether there is a need for better information search, analytics, data sharing, or digital media management, agencies use our tools at all levels to put information into the hands of those that need it most in their mission to enhance public safety. 

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Plessas Experts Network, Inc.

Plessas Experts Newtwork, Inc. (PEN) informs, trains, researches, and consults on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), internet technology, information extraction, security and worldwide internet usage. From beginner to advanced user, classroom or computer-based training modalities, the curriculum, conference workshops and consultants keep pace with emerging and innovative communication technologies so students acquire skills to collect and apply open-source information (publicly available information recovered from internet research and analysis) for the unique needs and requirements of government and private-sector organizations as soon as they complete a course. Training that PEN offers includes: Investigation Techniques for Social Networking Sites, Investigation Techniques for the Dark Web, Automated & Advanced Search,  People Search, Operational Security for Investigators, Monitoring Twitter and other Social Media, OSINT Support for Cyber Investigations, OSINT Support for Counter-Terrorism, OSINT Support for other Intelligence Disciplines, and  Internet Search in Foreign Languages for the Non-Linguist.

Crime in Texas (TxDPS Crime Reports)


Crime in the United States (FBI UCR Reporting Tool)


Common Formulas (IACA: Exploring Crime Analysis)